Bicajoux® a totally new range of flowering indoor plants

A Double Value

The unique feature of this plant lies in its double ornamental value: these ‘jewels’ are a combination of beautiful decorative leaves together with gorgeous flowers. The word ‘bi’ in the name of Bicajoux®, comes from the Latin word ‘bis’, meaning ‘2’ or ‘double’.

An Eye-Catcher in the living room

The ‘ca’ in the name Bicajoux® indicates that these plants are part of the Calathea-family, a group of shade lowing plants. This makes the Bicajoux® a magnificent eye-catcher in the middle of the living room as well as in a shady corner. Because of the bushy foliage and striking leaf markings the plant remains very attractive, even without flowers.

The Bicajoux® range includes both the larger and smaller varieties. Currently the Gekko and Cobra Pink are available.

Care Advice

The Calathea-family is a group of tropical plants that thrive on the floor of the tropical jungle. This plant will be perfectly suited in a place without direct sunlight and remain enjoyable for a long time.


The large leaves of the Bicajoux® allow for the evaporation of a large amount of water and consequently, the plant requires a continuously humid potting soil. However, no water should be left standing in the saucer. It is best to check the humidity of the pot twice a week. Substantial variations in watering must be avoided. Rain water is preferred.

Stress caused by drought will shorten the durability of the flowers. Placing the plant outdoors during the summer when it rains, will make the leaves glitter and offer a pleasant and refreshing look.

The plant does not require much fertilizers. When the plant is  growing new leaves, it suffices to add half the dose of fertilizer recommended on the package.

Faded leaves and flowers can be cut at the bottom of the stalk, allowing the plant to start flowering again.

We continuously strive to introduce new selections with unique flowers, leaf patterns and longer shelf life. 

Bicajoux Calathea